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Did you know hundreds of million of plastic straws are used and discarded daily?? UMMMM...NOT SEXY!

By switching to a reusable straw, you could save thousands of marine lives, slow global warming and be the coolest kid at the party. 🍹🎉

Lifetime Breakage Guarantee

We want your SeaSaver to be your #ForeverStraw so we have commited to lifetime replacements.

Glass straws are safe! Our cooking grade, "Hard Glass" is made from Borosilicate (CKA Pyrex) and is stronger than normal glass. Each straw is hand worked then Kiln annealed in our Los Angeles studio for utmost durability. Annealing removes all of the working stress from the glass, leaving a finished, hardened piece that will NEVER shatter with normal use.

🍹🌿Creating New Habits🌿🐢

Here at SeaSavers we are commited to saving the world, one straw at a time.

We know that reducing our carbon footprint requires long term commitment and strong effort. Its a journey not an event. 

So, we thought, why not make that effort STYLISH??

If you're gonna be on a journey to an eco friendly life, why not 


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You deserve to feel excitement and pride when ordering yummy drinks

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Beautiful and useful! I 
carry them with me everywhere!! Also surprisingly durable! I fell down the stairs yesterday and when I checked my bag the glass straws were perfectly in tact! Thank you so much!!


Elvenangeljin (Etsy Customer) Jan 19, 2019

...Hands down one of the best products I own that I use every day. The glass is actually sturdy, literally dropped mine a few times and it has not broken...


Kristina Perez June 19, 2019

I loves these straws!! It seems kind of odd to describe straws as as really pretty, but they are! I’m sure I have the most attractive, unique straws in town. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from this shop again.


heyitsmare1 (Etsy Customer) Mar 16, 2019

Shipped safely and arrived fast. The straw was a tiny bit wider than I was expecting but reaches the bottom of most soft drink cups and works well. And it looks great! I love that the little blobs are not a solid colour too, but a swirly blue green. Thankyou!


longhairedlizzy (Etsy Customer Dec 20, 2018

Amazing product, great to drink out of, sturdy & beautiful. Arrived super fast. I plan on making these this years x-mas gift for all my friends and family.


suzanne down (Etsy Customer) Sep 11, 2018