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SeaSavers Glass Straws * Reusable Eco Friendly Gifts * BPA Free * Handmade with love  

Our flagship product!

Crazy durable! Functional art. Pyrex glass straws with our unique design.

For our conscious friends who enjoy nice things. 💋

Phatties are 9' long and made from super thick, highly durable 💪🏽borosilicate glass.

6 Tri-color designs with anti roll "deco dots" for safety and beauty alike. 🍹

These high end handmade straws will be the talk of the party. Get a few for your friends and family and start creating new habits to help save the world.🌎

#SeaSaversareSexy. Get one. Become one 💖

SHOW YOUR TRUE COLORS ☼ Guaranteed to make your beverage taste even better! ☼ Join the #ReusableRevolution & #SipInStyle ☼ 
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