Our Story

I was sitting in this adorable cafe. Tons of organic and healthy/conscious items on the menu. Hemp walls with thoughtful air plant and edison bulb decor.
Looking around the place I felt at home, and like I was  supporting a conscious business. 
BUT THEN the waiter came and dropped 8 plastic straws on our table. 
OMG I thought. You drop 8 straws on every two top you serve?? Everyday??
This is obscene. This is outrageous.This is petrifying.


Metal straws seemed like the natural first choice but I like to know whats inside my bottles and straws, and I have an irrational fear of rust so I generally opt out of "metal life."
I kept looking for an answer. I had been touring many years by now and I knew the problem was massive.
Never had I ever felt this passionate about any cause before. I knew this was a BIG problem and I was committed to helping solve it. 
Two days later, as if the ✨ universe heard my call, ✨  I met Rewi.
He was making glass straws - a concept I was unfamiliar with, and not just any old glass straws-No he makes pyrex works of art! 
We spoke at length about my fears and all the possibilities.  He confidently answered all of my questions. 
Do they break easily?
No. They are made from the same glass as your favorite baking dishes. So they are TOUGH.
Are they difficult to keep clean?
No. They each come with their own little straw cleaning brush and at the molecular level the density is so thick there is literally NO ROOM for bacteria to live.
In a world where society is beginning to ban the use of straws all together, is there even a point to dive into something like this?
Absolutely! There will always be someone who wants to #sipinstyle and if we can create a few committed users we can reduce the plastic waste by hundreds of straws per person per year.
I knew we were on to something. A straw I would be happy to use and be proud to  share? Where do I sign??
  We quickly got to work designing our favorites and building the brand.
Off we went!
Sea Savers is a very modest new company, truly committed to raising awareness and making a small dent in the large pollution crisis we currently face. We are still a baby company and we work tirelessly to come up with creative ways to inspire people to #GoGlass and make other small tweaks in their daily habits.
SeaSavers.Co is now powered to fulfill our mission of bringing sexy solutions to the reusable revolution. 

Thanks for checkin us out.
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