Rep Contracts

Thank you for your interest in working with, and representing SeaSavers LLC in ____________.

Below is the nature of our working relationship. We {SeaSavers Partners} are excited to have you {Market rep} on our team. As a SeaSavers rep in your local market you will be provided with a full retail kit, including a wholesale price list and information sheet, a handmade, easy-to-carry, custom case containing our entire product line (one of each straw and one of each case) to make showing the products easy and effortless. The sales materials give a clear breakdown of our wholesale and retail price points as well as some selling points and rebuttals to FAQ’s.


Job Description: Step one, get VERY familiar with the brand. Our story and our mission are equally or more important than our products, their names, qualities and behaviors. Someone from our team will be available to answer any questions you may have and go over products with you. We will schedule at least one study meeting before approving you to represent us to shop owners.

-Your job will be to create a list of possible candidate shops in your market. Do some research to make sure you’re not letting any gems slip through the cracks. -Then, cold visit or make appointments with the managers, buyers or owners of each shop and offer them the chance to carry our products. The end goal is to build and nurture lasting relationships with shop owners and eventually secure recurring order accounts. We will create first time specials as incentives for shop owners who sign up for three or more orders. These will change over time so we will agree on those in weekly team meetings.

-Create a pitch report to present each week listing shops visited and pitched where you left it with that potential buyer, as well as listing your plan for the upcoming week. Our team will be here for you as support and guidance throughout the entire process. -Lastly, you will meet once a week, remotely, with one or more members of the team to give and get updates. Payout: You will earn 10 percent of each dollar you earn for the company. If you need to nurture an existing relationship to secure a reorder you will also get 10 percent of that sale. You will continue to collect your commission on recurring orders, all the way until your working relationship with SeaSavers has ended. This is your incentive to be warm, forthcoming and extremely knowlegable before beginning your pitch run.

Time: You are invited to work your market until you feel you have exhausted it, if you are the first rep in your market you will have first dibs on shops to connect with. Once every shop in your market has been pitched and sold, you are welcome to return the retail kit and be refunded your deposit.

Deposit: The total value of the retail kit is $170.00 USD. Your deposit of $75 will be returned to you upon your return of the the kit. Should any of the materials be damaged in a way that isn’t repairable, the cost of damages will be deducted reasonably. Your deposit acts as insurance, proving that you are enthusiastic about the opportunity but also ensures that you will care for our precious products as if they are your own.


I understand and agree with the above, my full name below will serve as an electronic signature, binding in agreeance with the laws of the United States and the executed in the state of California.

Signed :________________________ Date:__________________________

SeaSavers Witness:________________________ Date:__________________________

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