Our Mission

Why Glass Straws?

Its no secret that our pollution is hurtful to the environment.

So why are we all still polluting the earth?

We have been trained to think cleanliness is directly related to plastic wrapping. We have become addicted to shrink wrap and disposable goods but we haven' t been well educated on the harm these things can cause. Remember plastic wasn't even a thing until 1907, just over 100 years ago. 

Here at SeaSavers, we travel often, spending time snorkelling and swimming in the ocean. In recent years, the visible increase in plastic waste polluting the ocean and beaches has been shocking to witness.

The direct effect on marine life is heart breaking. Much of this plastic waste stems from 'single use' items such as straws, cutlery, plastic bottles, bags, toothbrushes, styrofoam, to-go boxes, plastic cups etc.

The root of this problem stems from an addiction to disposable, low quality, mass-produced products designed to be thrown away. As a society we have become accustomed to "tossing and replacing" versus our predecessors habit of "washing and reusing." 

Our #sexysolution is to bring art and quality back into the simple things we use daily and reattach value to our items.

We want you to once again feel pride about your contribution. We want you to feel excitement about ordering yummy drinks. We want you to feel inspired to talk about your new habit and the difference its making.

Why use a plastic straw when you can enjoy your beverage through your very own, unique and beautiful hand crafted drinking straw? This literally makes your best beverages taste even better, plus its the most sanitary way to refrain from cross polluting with other germs.


What is SeaSavers doing to help?

Besides using our resources and energy to change the minds of the masses and increase the conversation around single use plastic reduction, a percentage of our profit is donated to charities committed to removing plastic from the ocean. 

To have your charity be considered as a recipient please send a mission statement including why you think your organization deserves and needs the funding to info@SeaSavers.Co