Ocean Breeze BUNDLE Pyrex Glass SeaSavers Straws
Unicorn BUNDLE Pyrex Glass SeaSavers Straws
Cotton Candy BUNDLE Pyrex Glass SeaSavers Straws


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Are you the type who likes to be prepared for every occasion? Ever just feel crappy pulling out your gorgeous glass straw while your date awkwardly sips on PLASTIC?

Well let us help you stay ready with one of our 6 designer SeaSaver Bundles. Get a Phatty, a Skinny and a Shorty all together in the all new SeaSaver Carrying Case. Have a straw for every occasion. No more saying "Oops I forgot my straw." No more awkward dates. Now you will always have one to offer, one to use and one to talk about.

Saving the World REALLY is Sexy!

Satisfaction Guaranteed.**

~Dishwasher safe

~Comes with a straw cleaner