Honey Dip BUNDLE
Honey Dip BUNDLE
Honey Dip BUNDLE
Honey Dip BUNDLE
Honey Dip BUNDLE

Honey Dip BUNDLE

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Are you the type who likes to be prepared for every occasion? Ever just feel crappy pulling out your gorgeous glass straw while your date awkwardly sips on PLASTIC?

Well let us help you stay ready with the Honey Dip Bundle. Get a Phatty, a Skinny and a Shorty all together in the all new SeaSaver Carrying Case, and have a straw for every occasion. No more saying "Oops I forgot my straw." No more awkward dates. Now you have one to offer, one to use and one to talk about.

Saving the World REALLY is Sexy!

Did you know that 500 million plastic straws are dumped in the ocean EVERY.SINGLE.DAY? Ummmm ...NOT SEXY!

That's why we created a beautiful line of handmade artisanal PYREX GLASS STRAWS. Each one a unique, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, durable work of art that you can feel good about buying and using.

Designed after our CEO, Honey Larochelle, who loves rich mahogany and leather bound books our "Honey Dip bundle" is a gorgeous artistic line, hand crafted in honey and amber hues to help you save the world while sipping in style! 

You will love how it feels in your hand, strong but delicate, unique and stylish. But you will love even more the way your drinks taste. Finally a straw that lets your drinks taste like themselves. Satisfaction Guaranteed.****

Let Honey Dip cause you to make a new habit of saying "No Straw" when you order you favorite drink. Carry them with you everywhere you go. Not only will you be doing your part, but we bet you will start looking for reasons to use your new favorite possession. ✨

Handblown in Los Angeles by our founding director Rewi Bracey. See his intro video on our homepage. Get to know us. 

Your purchase supports a local startup business and makes a huge impact on the environment. THANK YOU!🙏🏽

~All Phatties and Skinnies are 9"- shorties are 6"- Get the whole set and save.

~Dishwasher safe

~Comes with a straw cleaner

Your new Honey Dip Glass Straws are easy to keep clean. Just rinse with hot water and use the enclosed straw cleaning brush once or twice after most uses. When on the go, a simple wipe down and one more sip of water will do the trick. After several uses, if you see a need to throw it in the dishwasher it is totally safe to do so. But a simple rinse is recommended afterwards to make sure no soapy residue makes its way into your beverage.

Insider tip* the glass is so dense at the molecular level that there is virtually no where for bacteria to thrive so it is super easy to clean. Just rinse and go.

Carrying: It's super durable and it will definitely become your favorite way to drink any beverage. Durable enough to be carried loose in a bag, but your bundle comes complete with our brand new SeaSavers.Co case which fits all three straws inside of it and helps keep your straw experience stylish and safe! You're saving money while saving the world by buying the whole bundle. 

***Dentists recommend drinking coffee through straws to preserve your enamel and keep your pearly whites white! Use your perfect little shorty every morning and grab someone's attention with it.💋


****While our glass straws are highly durable they are still made of glass. If you drop them they often will not break but they should still be handled with care. We truly believe in our product though. Which is why we will send you a new one if you break yours.  Just send us a picture of the broken straw and we will replace it. You pay for shipping and only one replacement per purchase.