#BreakFree Carrying Case
#BreakFree Carrying Case
#BreakFree Carrying Case
#BreakFree Carrying Case

#BreakFree Carrying Case

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SeaSavers is proud to introduce our brand new SeaSavers Carrying Cases.

Made from the sustainable tree bark, cork and embossed with metallic rainbow pieces sprinkled throughout, our brand new SeaSavers Cases are the most exciting addition to the plastic free family.

Commonly referred to as "Vegan leather," cork has a proven track record for sustainability and keeps your straws SUPER SAFE while remaining perfectly eco-friendly; a non-negotiable for us.

Choose from 3 sizes:

Phatty/Bundle- Perfectly sized to fit an entire Bundle(1 Phatty, 1Skinny and 1 Shorty), but also works well with only one or two straws inside. 

Just tuck the flap into the ribbon ;)

Skinny- Just long enough to fully protect our skinny straws and the tip of the straw cleaner

Shorty- Perfectly sized for a snug home for our cocktail/coffee/tea straws

Made by hand, with love 💖